About Us

Website Name: JUGLAX.COM
Website Address: https://juglax.com
Publisher Name: JUGLAX.COM
EMail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 323 925 7873

Launch date:

What we do:

We are News outlet located in the United States of America focusing locally on Texas News, A little bit of US community and Political news, Entertainment, Sports and Trending news.

Our Vision:

To be a leading light in the media industry by ensuring timely and unique contents.

Our major focus:

• Keep reports simple.

• Be clear in presentation.

• News must be educative, entertaining and informative.

Our target audience:

Upwardly mobile American

News & Entertainment Lovers

Sports enthusiasts

Advocates/civil societies

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Our position:

A news website known for its regular human angle stories.

A news website that promotes public reactions to issues

Anywhere you are, JUGLAX.COM is at your palm as we are visible all over the world.

Because different news fly about in the media, we engage in a series of fact-checking before going to the press. This has further strengthened the trust we enjoy from our readers/audience.