It is important to spend time with family.  We understand that this is not always easy to do but the smallest changes can make the world of difference.  Spending time with your children can help your family relationships become stronger and develop tighter bonds.

here are a few thing you can do to make the love go round

  1. Come in relaxed. If you need to, take 10 minutes to shower and change before you sit down with the children. Children pick up on moods and will sense your unhappiness with the family routine if you run in, complaining about hold ups at work, or missed meals and late bedtimes. But if you seem relaxed about the daily routine, they’ll relax and take it in their stride, too – even if they see you for just 30 minutes every evening, or at the weekend if you work away or live separately.
  2. Come in and eat with your children. If it’s late and they’ve already eaten, get into the habit of sitting down and enjoying a light snack and a chat with them before they go up to bed. The chat doesn’t have to be about anything heavy. Telling them about your day, an interesting job you’ve done or a person you’ve met may encourage them to tell you about theirs but it’s not guaranteed.  Every evening can be different, but that sit down over dinner can become one of the most enjoyable parts of your family’s routine.
  3. Do something together. It doesn’t have to be anything special or take very long. The fact is your children will just enjoy being around you for a short time each day – while you water the garden, take the dog round the block, or pick up their brother or sister from a friend’s. As long as you’re relaxed, and listening to their chat, they’ll be happy.
  4.  Enjoy the bedtime routine. Bathtime, storytime, or both if there’s time. If you have relaxed and eaten, it will help low energy levels, and may help you keep your eyes open during that bedtime story!  You know your children don’t need, or want, full on entertainment, just having your quiet company while they play in the bath or a short story at bedtime will be enough for them. Then you can watch your children settle down happy to know you’re there.
  5.  Make one night your special night. Movie night, Lego night or computer game night. Whatever they fancy. Few dads can join in with their children’s post-school fun and games every evening, but your children will love to know that there’s one night when everything stops, just for them.