Raj tries to open the door, but the goons ask who is he? Pragya gets the keys and throws near Abhi. Abhi catches the key and throws near Pragya. Pragya throws it on the truck’s top. Mitali hears Raj talking to goon and asks him to speak so that she can listen to his voice. She tells her husband name is Raj. Pragya falls down. Abhi laughs. Pragya asks him to give his hand. Abhi tries to lift her and falls on her. They have an eye lock and sweet music plays,……………..Dadi, Dasi and Sarla come outside and ask Constable to help them. Dadi, Sarla and Dasi come to the place with the constable. Bulbul hugs Sarla and tells her that there are many goons here. The constable runs seeing the head goon. The head goon asks Abhi to come out as his Dadi is in their captivity. Abhi comes out and asks him to fire the bullet. The head goon says the man who planned this theft is not here. The goons runs away with the truck. Raj comes out and acts as came to rescue them. Pragya blames Aaliya and Tanu for planning the theft. Aaliya asks Abhi to call Police and says Pragya is behind the theft. They blame Pragya for the theft. Tanu says you have to answer when Police questions you.

Pragya says I didn’t do this, and don’t know the goons. Aaliya says you tells that you just needs money. Abhi says this is Ganesha Utsav, so enjoy. He asks them to enjoy. Aaliya says this event is on your name. Abhi says money is safe. Purab says where is the money? Abhi says he is rockstar with his intelligence too, and shows the money which is in his car. Everyone take a sigh of relief and are happy. Ronnie tells Dadi what Pragya did. Taya ji praises her. Abhi tells Pragya that this doesn’t suit your personality. Pragya says it will be her advantage, when people watch his album and love him. Dasi says Jeetu ji will b reaching soon. Jeetendra reaches the event place. Dadi does his tilak. Jeetendra thanks her, and congratulates Abhi and Pragya for their marriage. Abhi says we are not married. Jeetendra says you both look made for each other. Dadi asks him to do the aarti. Abhi and Pragya does the aarti followed by aarti while the bhajan Hare Ram Hare Krishna plays…………………………..Abhi prays to God to return his old fuggi back. Pragya prays for bringing happiness and removes sorrows from the house.