It can get a bit frustrating when you are holding a comb in front of a mirror and you have no idea which way to comb the hair. Add to the fact that your listless hours of hard labour can be ruined by this Nigeria breeze when you step out the door. Little wonder many women are joining the Afro train and I can’t blame them.

Be it Afro or permed we have styles that will help you slay that look tomorrow.


 you got to be a pro to make your own braid or have someone who is good with braids around you if this is the look you’re going for tomorrow. but the end is worth the work. remember to twist the top part for that perfect look.




 if you can’t twist and gel the sides up you could just make a simple corn row. If you are wearing permed hair then you could curl the tip over night or mat it in loose fat braid to give it that curly tip.





 Okay snap chat bambi, this look is for you. and you need that small scarf band to give that color feel. hold the back in a donut and the front just comb and weave tip then fold it in. hold the folded part with a pin so you dont ruin your hair when slaying on the dance floor in church.






 If you just started growing your afro hair, no problem, crop rocks! rough it up with your fingers and spray with oil for that glossy finish. you can put add your cut which ever way fits your face best. you can even try a c-cut with this stlye. if your front line is a little rough, try using Gel but edge control is the best.





 Even a permed hair can pull this Adesua look. personally i’ll advice you curl the top over night with a flexible roller and if you can’t weave around by yourself, you may need help to pull this look.






 Be like Nse! if you just did a blow out or your hair is thick and dew for a retouch, this style would work well for you. you need a few black hair pins those thing long ones to do this gallas hair style.






 This works perfect if you have permed hair. what you need are those flexible rollers. yes they work perfect on natural hair too! but you have to do this a night before if you want the curls to last.





 these beautiful twist out make me want to go natural. if you have your natural afro then go for this. you’ll get the attention you deserve trust me! all you have to do is wash or wet your hair, cut it up in ur desired size and twist locks, you could add styling gel if you want to leave the curls deep. using both hands, untangle curls from end without breaking the tip.





 the trick to keeping the sides down is to do an inner weaving around. and for the top try a fat twist do not not braid.






try weaving a side of your hair which ever way you like. it wont matter if your hair is permed or not, long or short.