A girl has shown regrets after sending a sexy trainer to investigate her boyfriend to know if he is cheating or not.

According to her this group that specialises in tracking down cheating spouses has left her very disappointed by revealing just how easily her boyfriend can be tempted by other women.

The group, To Catch A Cheater, went to a gym in Mexico City, where they planted a mole named “Andrea” to flirt with the boyfriend of their client.

The girlfriend wanted to see if her new boyfriend was trustworthy.

Andrea started helping him to lift weights, and soon started slapping his bum.

She asked if there were any good bars around the gym and if he would take her to one, which he replied, “Yeah, some day.”

They then got in some very compromising positions and she made some very compromising sounds…

She asked him if he had a girlfriend and the man replied: “I’m dating some chicks.”

His girlfriend watched the footage in horror as her boyfriend gave Andrea his number.

He assured that he didn’t have a girlfriend and they arranged a date.

He also offered to cook for her at his apartment.

“This is so disgusting,” the girlfriend said, after watching the tape.

But it didn’t stop there!

When she called her boyfriend and asked him about it, the man denied that he met anyone at the gym, and then conceded that he had a male personal trainer.

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