Sharon, 51 and Andy, 52  who are about to be wed went unconscious when they attempted to practice a particular dance move from a movie titled “Dirty Dancing” for their wedding party.

The both of them who are grandparents have watched and studied the movie for more than 30 times before they decided to practice the dance. The dance practice went wrong when Sharon ran towards Andy who was ready to lift her above his head, the move left the both of them on the grass as their heads collided.

The accident left Sharon bruised and unable to breathe while Andy remained knocked out. Their family who had been watching thought they were joking before realizing they were in a bad state. They called for an ambulance that they were both rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Sharon explained: “I have always loved Dirty Dancing and it is one of my all-time favorite films. We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were messing around trying to do the lift. So I looked at Andy and suggested that we have it as our first dance at our wedding.

We immediately set about trying to recreate that iconic moment. But it’s fair to say it didn’t go to plan. When I ran at Andy he tried to lift me, but we just collided. At first, our family thought we were just messing about but they soon realized we had actually really hurt ourselves.”