Everything just went wrong tonight, in so many ways except for that one part where Ollena Tyrell confessed to have killed Joffery.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met, but it was at first not the cheerful converging of plot lines we’ve been hoping for.

Danny knows nothing of this Jon snow and is not ready to hear another word if he wasn’t ready to kiss her ring. after all, she had no fear for any Night walker and his dead army, after all she has her dragons.

Thanks to┬áTyrion the mediator, who eventually got Dany on Jon’s side. She still plans to be queen of even the North, but she’ll allow Jon to mine the dragon glass and will provide him with any other resources he needs.

At Winterfell, Sansa was being a serious boss, dealing with food shortages and unexpected visitors named Bran Stark!! She tried to tell him he was now Lord of Winterfell, but he explained that he couldn’t, because now he’s the Three Eyed Raven. she got really freaked out by his revelation of her awful wedding night.

At the Citadel, Sam’s cure for Greyscale apparently worked, and Jorah was free to go. Sam, however, had to be chastised but also praised for disobeying the maester. He expected a reward for saving Jorah’s life, but instead he got to copy a bunch of parchments.

Dany was determined to take her dragons to destroy Euron’s fleet, but Tyrion had better ideas. Apparently, he had designed the Casterly Rock sewer system to make it possible for his prostitute friends to come in and out undetected, meaning the Unsullied had a way in. They got in, but discovered the Lannister army wasn’t even there.

Jaime however had marched his troops to Highgarden to defeat House Tyrell, purposely allowing the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock, knowing they wouldn’t be able to hold it. He met with Lady Olenna, who continued to be the best character on this show, speaking truths like “Cersei is a disease” ’til the very end. Jaime gave her poison, and she drank it willingly. Then, she dropped the bomb that it was she who killed Joffrey, and she wanted both Jaime and Cersei to know that fact.

But what became of the Greyjoys and Dornish? Theon was rescued, but Yara, Ellaria, and one of the sand snakes were captured by Euron and brought to Cersei as her gift, since Ellaria was the one who murdered Myrcella. Cersei took true joy in this gift, agreeing to marry Euron…eventually…and immediately putting Ellaria and her daughter in the dungeon, feeding poison to the daughter, and forcing Ellaria to sit and watch her die.