This is a funny post about pictures that skinny girls can relate to. Enjoy.

  1. We have all gone through this one way or the other. You buy and trouser and on getting home, your tiny waist fall your hand…lol. Skinny girls problem number 1.

And no belt in this world can fix it.2. Wish I can snap my hand right now and show you how my bracelet is ‘concurring’ to this post. Unless you have a permanent solution to this, your bracelets will always fall your hand. Skinny girls problem number 2.3. When your belt surly needs another extra hole…lol. Skinny girls problem number 3.It happens so often that you've learned creative ways to punch the holes yourself.4.. Most annoying one I Guess. When you see the big ones inside a car and they are happy to see the “Lepa” because you can fit into the small space. Some will even say thank God, you don’t have Don’t take it personal5. There is always a friend or sister that feels they can carry you any time simply because you are skinnyAnd there's always someone lifting you up.6. There is friend that will always tease you about being tick and you know within yourself that they are sexy but annoying…lol.You vs. your friends.