After posting a photo of his baby boy on may 26 2017, the koko master was finally ready to talk.

In his interview with BEAT FM 99.9, D’banj gave his reasons for keeping his wedding secrete; so that even after a whole year there are no pictures to prove it at least not on social media or any high profile magazine.

Well, as far as celebrity marriages go he did have good reasons for keeping it low. here are his reasons:

I decided to keep my marriage to Didi a secret because based on experience relationships like this get mixed with media hypes and speculations and then it becomes complicated,” he said.

I want to thank my close friends, parent and families for keeping this secret. You know the pressure to get married was this high and mum told me she wants to see the girl I am dating and would want to marry. I told her that there was this babe and we didn’t want to marry yet but she insisted that she was the one for me that we should have a small ceremony and the rest is history. I’m glad I listened to her

He may be keeping his marriage of the radar but his son already has his Insta page and maybe looking to inherit a million Insta followers when he turns 18.