While it may seem strange, but the beauty, which is considered to be standard, is defined by stereotypes and phobias. We are getting insulted first of all based on our appearance. And, let’s be honest, the ones who get verbally abused the most are fat people. When someone is fat he or she will be considered lazy, selfish, greedy, and the one who pushes his or her love for food too far. Such attitude is called fatphobia, which causes a lot of physical and mental problems to its targets.


Fatphobia in medical treatment

A lot of fat people avoid medical treatment. While you may think that it happens, once again, because fat people are lazy, the real reason is fatphobia. Staff of hospitals tend to neglect giving real treatment to fat people, dismissing all of their complaints and claiming that all of their problems will fade away when they lose some weight. Instead of finding real reasons for health problems, doctors tend to give simple explanation that the one and only reason is the patient’s weight. While in certain cases it may be true, in others, however, such a conclusion may lead to severe, if not deadly, consequences.


Fatphobia in society

While a lot of us think that we are living in the most tolerant and democratic time in our history, the role of people in the society is often defined by their figure and weight. Have you noticed that there are not so many fat people who gained success? That happens because those who have extra weight gain less from life. Actually, they are prevented from getting more from life, because of the stereotypes. Some companies tend to not hire fat people, as they are considered too lazy and too slow.



Fatphobia at school

Fat people are often bullied and victimized at school. Mainly fat people at school become targets of bullying of their classmates, though there have been certain cases fat students became scapegoats for their teachers. Especially, when it comes to physical training. A lot of fat students hear that they are losers and that they will never be successful in anything. Thus, it’s another case of fatphobia.

Fatphobia in romantic relationships

The most painful aspect about being fat is the relationships. Fatphobia has spread that far. Let’s be honest and admit the fact that fat people are less likely to be successful in romantic relationships than those who are slim, especially in high school years. The reason lies in the fact that fat people never were that hype as those who are slim. Basically, the culture prefers to omit fat people as if they are non-existent. The fact that you are surrounded by fatphobic people can be the reason why you are still single.


The Impact of Fatphobia

 Fatphobia results in fat people feeling that they are unwanted. While certain number of fat people trying too hard to get slimmer that they end up being anorexic, others prefer to commit suicide in order to get out of the world that fails to acknowledge them.

Fat people can be smart, lovely, hard-working, and useful for the society. Not all of them are fat because they have uncontrollable appetite or something. Some people are just fat and it doesn’t mean that they should suffer from stereotypes of the society.

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