An accustomed set of rooms in a dwelling private house or apartment includes a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. These premises are essential for a full-fledged dwelling of an individual. If we wanted to make the rating of importance of these rooms, it would look like as follows: bedroom, kitchen and living room. Such gradation is subject to the time spent in each of the mentioned premises. Indeed, a person spends around one-third of the life asleep. Moreover, a tranquil and healthy sleep is a prerequisite of a sound well-being. On this account, choosing a comfortable furniture for this night activity is no less important.


Bed Structure

The times of beds with box springs have passed away. Today, this structure is considered outdated and is not frequently to find in furniture stores. Slatted beds have replaced them. The structure of this contemporary design stipulates a set of slats made of either metal or wood to support a mattress. Such structure ensures an improved strength and positioning of the bed. Naturally, other essential factors include the frame and the height of constituent elements like footboard and headboard. However, these elements mostly bear a visual amenity.


Solution for Beds by the Swedish Manufacturer

When the words “Swedish” and “furniture” are used in one context, it goes about IKEA in 98% of cases. Indeed, this company has gained a glory of the prominent producer of versatile pieces of furniture for any room. The bedroom is not an exception and you can find numerous solutions of slatted bed bases, bed frames, as well as ready-made beds designed by the company. At the same time, choosing proper bed slats can become a challenge since various models offer different characteristics. Nevertheless, the following tips will help you make a proper decision and not to fail.


Mattress Comes First

Before choosing the support system, make a choice of your mattress. For instance, latex items may require a stronger mattress support structure. Meanwhile, foam mattresses do not require a center support to the floor. In some cases, the best option for your sleeping system is a flexible slatted base. Numerous options and versions of the foundation are incompatible with certain models of mattresses. Hence, select this item before choosing bed slats. Besides, the manufacturer of the mattress usually recommends the proper foundation.


Distance Between Slats

As a rule, this parameter is responsible for the strength of the entire structure. The less the distance, the more solid the foundation. The heaviest mattress made of latex requires this parameter to be less than 3 in.


Assembly Complications

Naturally, if you decide to order services of Ikea Furniture Assembly or similar company, you will have no concerns. However, those who prefer paddling own canoe should take into account the complexity of bed slats assembly.

As you see, choosing slatted bed base should begin with selecting the mattress. So, make a proper choice and enjoy your comfortable sleep.