The reduction of food consumed within a day is a proper direction to a lean and slim body. However, the excessive efforts may cause various inconveniences and adverse issues related to the considerable fall of daily calories. It means that any action requires thinking in advance. To put it simply, the calories should be reduced but not to the injury of protein. The most convenient way to comply with this requirement is to opt for a supplement.


The essence of this product is to put off any unnecessary ingredients and produce the natural building blocks for the development of muscles. In spite of the apparent simplicity, a regular user can face a trouble when making a decision in choosing a brand. Some web resources like Weightlosstop act as an aid for the seekers by introducing various reviews, opinions, and feedbacks regarding a certain shake.


The main distinction of the practiced users is to evade standards. It is manifested in their willingness to create the diet supplements by own. If you want to join this army of the devotees of the non-standard approach, you will appreciate the following shake recipes made of chocolate protein powder.


Kale plus Chocolate

Such interesting and extraordinary mixture offers not only an exquisite taste but also a pack of vitamins to boost up your health. The shake consists of a liquid at option (milk, water or juice), chocolate protein powder, and kale. However, you may opt for some other additives at your choice.


Raspberry plus White Chocolate

This drink is not necessary to make using a protein of chocolate flavor because you can add the pieces of white chocolate. In fact, the users advise choosing a vanilla flavor for a powder. Raspberry would be a source of phytonutrients, dietary fiber, and vitamin C in your protein drink. And the resulting taste is beyond words.

Green and Mint plus Chocolate

We used to find spinach and peppermint in a salad. Nevertheless, these rich-in-vitamins ingredients can be perfectly mixed with a protein powder with chocolate flavor. You may forget about various energy boosting drugs because the mentioned blend is much better.


Banana plus Chocolate

We could not skip one of the most popular shakes made of banana. This blend is used to gain energy and will be a perfect source of protein for the ruptured muscle fibers after the muscular activity. The nutrition value of this drink is on the intermediate level between a gainer and shake.

Berry plus Chocolate

This organic blend of berries and protein source is an optimum drink before a muscular activity. The shake is composed of only five ingredients but the effect is amazing. So, in addition to the protein source (chocolate flavor, of course) you have to add vanilla almond, strawberries, and raspberries. The fifth element is milk. It sounds delicious and the taste is even better.


Coconut plus Chocolate

You might have heard about this recipe under the name Paleo Chocolate Shake. The main ingredients are as simple as in a regular shake – protein food and milk. Nevertheless, you opt for a coconut milk instead of a regular cow’s milk. Some also choose a cacao powder instead of a chocolate one but it depends on the taste.


Pumpkin plus Chocolate

We decided to end our list with an extreme combination of ingredients. Some people may consider it disgusting but we have chosen this shake because it has its devotees. The shake’s ingredients are a pumpkin puree and a protein source. If interested, try this one drink for the diet purposes.