Sunday, July 23, 2017
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20 Funny Emoji faces by real life animals

These funny animal expressions will make you laugh out loud.   1. Tongue out.   2. Devious smile   3. They don't call it sheepish grin for no reason.   4.  Laughing out loud.   5. yawning here, because its lame.   6. Hahaha   7. Rolling on the floor Laughing out loud.   8. you're killing me hahahaha   9. is that zebra screaming?   10. jaws...

Gucci ‘sachet water’ spotted

Is there anything we will not see in Naija? lol.  When it comes to business, Nigerians are the best. Check out the designer 'Guci' sachet water that was spotted in Lagos Traffic. Will you drink this designer water?

Funny! See this ‘when your family is looking for you to wash plates’ pic

'When your family is looking for you to wash plates.'  This is funny. You have to pretend you are the even the rug/tiles they walk on just to dodge washing plates. Youth of nowadays will go any way to dodge doing...

Funny! Pictures skinny girls can relate to

This is a funny post about pictures that skinny girls can relate to. Enjoy. We have all gone through this one way or the other. You buy and trouser and on getting home, your tiny waist fall your

See 7 hilarious reasons for breakup

She wears buttpads, I hate buttpads - Sinz 2. He used water for his cereals instead of milk. - Shawttysofine 3. My friend broke up with his galfriend because "she chewed popcorn too loudly during a movie 4. I don't Tell...

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