Well Friday’s are always a delight-some time to look forward to, for anyone who had a forty-hour shift this week. Which is why Friday nights are perfect for date nights and weekends are best for family fun time.

Here are a few Friday night tips you can select from nine is absolutely free!

  1. Find a fun game center and go catch up on the fun things of life
  2. Take a boxing class. gives you somewhere to let out all that anger other than your bosses face.
  3. Go to the beach and enjoy the night breeze.
  4. Take a dance class, salsa can be good fun.
  5. Turn of your phone and take a stroll around the neighbourhood.
  6. Stay over at work and just have fun with some colleagues, this works if you need to avoid the traffic.
  7. Go shopping and buy yourself something as a reward for your labours in the week.
  8. Go on a date and talk of anything but business for a change.
  9. Stop over at a random part of town and enjoy the night light; the view is priceless!