Every man seeks this five things in a relationship especially one that leads to marriage.
1. Respect

To a man, respect is love. Respect is not blind obedience or acceptance of manipulations, but devoted and sincere support in the endeavors of the husband and joint joy in success. She takes care and helps him to accomplish his tasks in the best possible way. respect is human irrespective of gender, but to a man it weighs high.

2. Appearance
there is a reason beauty is a priced possession to a woman, inner or outer or mental, beauty is captivating. Hygiene care, appropriate attire, makeup that enhances natural beauty, with a charming smile on the face are enough to enchant and conquer. but if you got the inner and the outer beauty in check, you are a jewel indeed.

3. Patience
women like to leave on the fast lane. they can be quick t jump on instincts and when the man delays to reason it out they are most likely to get in a quarrel except they are both matured enough to handle their differences. When the woman shows patience both with him and with the difficulties of her own life, she becomes a stronger candidate.

4. smell
Men may respond to sight but smell is a woman’s next weapon. no wonder they are compared to flowers. Men are fascinated and literally in the clouds when they perceive a pleasant smell. and it’s not just buying the right perfume, if you eat well and keep a clean hygiene even if you can’t afford a Tom Ford or Channel 5, our body produces a natural pleasant fragrance that is unique to you.

5. Good principles
Education, good character, honesty, faithfulness plus many others will tell whether man will be interested in a woman or not. If she has proper moral principles, she will set a good example for her children and educate them properly. She will also be an excellent wife as she pursues a quest for perfection. This will be a powerful incentive in the decision. Nothing beats decency; and decency stern from a principled mind.

It’s not just a pretty face that conquers the heart of a man as many women think. They evaluate much more than simply physical appearance. They know that choosing the right wife will greatly affect your life and your family. And that is a decision he takes with caution and a lot of thought.