During any time of the year, there’s a place for romance. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a special occasion or not, make an unforgettable present to your loved one by going on a romantic trip for two. These five ideas will help you with your choice.

Bus Tours across Europe – a romantic trip to famous cities

Bus tours to Europe are popular at any time of the year. Usually, this is a mini-trip full of excursions and bus rides from city to city and from country to country. But you can buy a romantic tour to Europe that doesn’t include hours of traveling between cities with a trip to only one place, for example, to the most romantic city on earth – Paris.

After booking such tour, you don’t have to pay for extra excursions, just enjoy your journey around Paris (or any other romantic city) together. Exploring the world together is one of the best ways how to date Russian girls over 20. Such an unforgettable walk through the famous cities of Europe will never be forgotten and become the best memory of the year!

Excursion tours to Turkey, Georgia, and other countries

Various tours to Turkey are becoming more and more popular in recent years. A trip to the Mediterranean is better in summer or early autumn because in February and March it’s still too cold to swim, but seeing local sights, sitting in colorful local cafes, and exploring picturesque local markets can be so romantic. Besides, the weather in Turkey is still warmer than in the European countries or the USA. In general, Turkey is a great place for a romantic getaway. Men dating Russian women often take them to this beautiful country.

Been in Turkey for a few times already? Then you can visit another romantic country – Georgia. Excellent cuisine, warm climate, and no less warm welcome will ensure that you have a wonderful romantic holiday!

Romantic and inexpensive beach holidays

It’s great to spend some time together on a warm beach near the sea. Is there anything else that can bring as much romance into the relationship? You can bask in the sun on the beach at any time of the year at a relatively small cost in such countries as Egypt, Israel, Jordan (the Red and the Dead Seas), Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you haven’t booked a tour in advance for some reason, you can always book cheap last minute travel deals; besides, some of the countries can be accessed without a visa (Israel) or a visa is issued without any problems at the airport after the arrival (Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka).

A two-week beach holiday in a warm country will help you relax, forget about the daily bustle, and plunge into the atmosphere of this summer at a very reasonable price.

Romantic holidays on the islands

If you want to go on the most romantic trip in your life and relax in a secluded place on the deserted beach where there’s no one except you, your loved one, and the sea, then you should consider booking a ticket to the islands. The most romantic islands are the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Bora-Bora. Here you’ll find a real secluded and romantic holiday!

The white sand of the beach, which looks like no one has ever stepped on it, incredibly transparent water surrounded by palm trees, the hotel terrace with magnificent views. What else do you need for a romantic getaway for two?

A romantic trip to distant (exotic) countries

To refresh your relationship and bring a share of adventurism and romance to your life, you can make a trip to distant exotic countries. For example, visit China, Japan, Vietnam, fly across the ocean and walk the ancient Indian trails in South America, climb to the top of Table Mountain in South Africa, or spend your holidays in Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, or Australia.

Such a trip will cost a lot (except, perhaps, popular Thailand, where many charter flights go), but it will be remembered forever!

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