According to findings,in about a third of infertility cases, the causes could not be identified. While this might appear to be a discouraging fact, the good news is that a lot of couples, about 60% of couples eventually go on to conceive. You therefore have every reason to be hopeful.

Sometimes, when the cause of a couple’s infertility cannot be determined, the couple can be advised to simply wait and see. This is called “expectant management”.

As an expectant parent, there are certain things you should do which would help make conception a lot easier. Sometimes, fertility treatments are not necessary and all that a couple needs to do is to just make simple lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes are easy things you can do and were compiled by

Here are some of them:

  • Managing your weight. Your weight does play an important role in conception. If you are obese, overweight or underweight, achieve a healthy weight
  • Do not drink, smoke or use hard drugs and ensure you eat healthy foods
  • Managing stress. If you are constantly under stress, identify the stressors and look for ways to deal with them
  • Understanding your menstrual cycle. Know when you are most likely to get pregnant faster (ovulation period) and have regular intercourse in the days leading up to and on the day of ovulation.